Important Message

While visiting our locations, please keep in mind that many visitors, as well as some employees are more vulnerable to the virus.  In order to keep everyone safe as Talladega County intends to, we expect everyone to exercise personal responsibility in slowing the spread of COVID -19 by practicing social distancing, covering coughs/sneezing, and frequent hand sanitizing.  

Opening:  Monday, May 18, 2020 at 8:30 a.m. 

The following buildings/offices will be opening except for Childersburg location:
  • Talladega County Courthouse
  • Sylacauga Annex
  • Talladega County Revenue Office located in Oxford
  • Judicial Building
The Talladega County Revenue Office located in Childersburg  (inside Childersburg's City Hall) will remain closed at this time until further notice.  

  • Be prepared for long lines.  There will be a limited number of people allowed in the county buildings at one time.  
  • Before coming inside, there will be no-touch temperature checks.  Do not come in if you are sick.  
  • You will be required to wear a mask to come inside.
  • Service may be a little slower.  Due to limited space inside our offices, we can only serve a couple of customers at one time.  Please have your documents ready before you enter the building to reduce waiting time for those behind you.  
  • Our employees will be behind plexiglass windows for their protection and yours.  Please do not lean around the windows.
  • Certain areas of the courthouses will be restricted to visitors.  Those will be marked. 
  • Follow arrows on the floors to your destination and please stand on the dots while waiting in line.  
  • Only individuals conducting business with the County will be allowed inside.  They may not be accompanied by another person unless that person is accompanying an elderly or disabled person who needs assistance conducting their business. 
  • Appointments should be made directly with the appropriate department by phone or other electronic means. Contacts for departments are listed here and at the front entrances of the Talladega Courthouse & Sylacauga Annex. 
  • Sylacauga Annex - the drive-through window will be open to process tag RENEWALS ONLY.  Those needing titles will need to go inside.  
  • Talladega Courthouse , the Tag Office will have two walk-up windows to serve you for tag RENEWALS ONLY on the Court Street side (facing Michael Men's Wear). 
  • Talladega Courthouse, all visitors will need to enter the building from the north street side (entrance facing Ritz Theater)
  • For visitors who have an appointment with a department, you will need to call from Courthouse entrance and be escorted in by the appropriate department as soon as possible.
    • Reappraisal - personal property & mapping
    • Probate - title and all other types of research
    • Water - new service
  • Deliveries will be coordinated by the Maintenance & Commission Office
  • According to the Alabama Department of Revenue annual registration and renewal of vehicles during the month of March, April and May 2020, the registration deadline has been extended through June 19, 2020.
  • To avoid long lines,  you can continue to mail-in or use our online services.