Plan and Prepare


Disaster can strike at any time.  Are you ready?  It is critical that everyone is prepared for an emergency.  While Talladega County EMA focuses on preparing for the whole community for diasters, you also have a role to play in emeregency preparedness.  By planning ahead, you can increase your ability to survive and thrive in the face of disaster.   Here are a few basic steps to follow when planning and preparing for disaster:

  1. Make a Plan
    Determine what you will do, hour to find your family, and how you will communicate in an emergency
  2. Build a Kit
    Create a 72-hour emergency kit that include essential items like bottled water, canned goods,  nonperishable food items, medical supplies and etc. 

  3. Be Informed
    Learn the types of disasters and emergencies that may occur in your area, how to receive alerts, and your community emergency plans.

  4. Get Involved
    Get involved in your community's emergency volunteer efforts.


You can find more information on planning and preparedness from ReadyAlabama and