Calculating Your Taxes

STEP 1:  Find Your Assessed Value
Your Alabama taxes are calculated using your property's assessed value.  This is determined by multiplying the appraised value by the corresponding property classifications(tax rate).

Appraised Value x Property Classification = Assessed Value

Property Classification Table
All taxable property shall be divided into the following classes and shall be assessed for Ad Valorem tax purposes at the following ratios of assessed value of such property:

Class 1       All property of utilities used in the business of such utilities  30% 
Class II  All property not otherwise classified (Commercial, Rental, Industrial, and All other Non-Homestead Property) 20%
Class III All agricultural, forest and owner occupied residential property  10%

STEP 2:  Calculate Your Unadjusted Tax Bill

Once you determine the assessed value of your property, multiply it by the appropriate millage rate for the area which you live. 

Assessed Value x Millage Rate = Unadjusted Tax Bill

Millage Rates

Millage rates applied to different areas of Talladega County
(1 mill = 1/10 of 1 penny)

City of Talladega  38.5 mills 
City of Sylacauga  50.5 mills 
City of Lincoln  39.0 mills
City of Oxford  39.0 mills 
City of Childersburg  43.5 mills 
City of Munford  39.0 mills 
Talladega Springs  39.0 mills 
District 1 Outside  29.0 mills 
Outside with Childersburg School - Dist. 1C  34.0 mills 
Outside with Fayetteville School - Dist. 1F  34.0 mills 
Outside with Lincoln School - Dist. 1L  34.0 mills 
Outside with Munford School - Dist. 1M  34.0 mills 
Outside with Winterboro School - Dist. 1W 34.0 mills

For example:  40 acres of cropland in the county appraised at $500.00 per acre.  Total fair market value is $20,000.00.  Appraised value times (x) 10% equals (=)$2,000.00 times (x) .029 millage equals (=) tax due of $58.00.

STEP 3:  Deduct Qualifying Exemptions for Adjusted Tax Bill
After you determine what your adjusted tax bill is, subtract any exemptions that you may have.  This gives you the adjusted tax bill.