Policy for Installation of New Water Service - Lines & Meters
It is the policy of the Talladega County Water Department that all requests for new water service are subject to the following:

- proximity of public water main to service address;
- property to be served must adjoin the County ROW or dedicated public easement;
- availability of water & capacity of system in the service area;
- review/approval of County Engineer;
- review/approval of Floodplain Manager.

No new water line may be installed without prior written approval from the County Water Department, based upon the above conditions.  No meter may be installed until any newly installed water line is inspected and approved by the Talladega County Engineer and the Talladega County Water Department.

Effective this 23rd day of July 2018

Meter Reading and Billing
Water meters are read and the bills are mailed by 20th of each month from our business office.  Failure to receive bills is not an excuse for non-payment of the bill. If you do not receive your bill in mail by the end of the month, please contact our office and we can provide the bill amount.

Full payment for current water bill is due by the 15th of each month.  If payment is not received, a 10% late fee is added on the 16th.

Disconnect and Reconnect due to non-payment on the account
Full payments not received by 20th of each month in our office will result in disconnection of the service on the 21st. 

In order to restore service, the full balance of the current water bill plus $75 reconnect fee must be paid.

Return Check Policy
Any checks returned to the Talladega County Water Department due to insufficient fund will be subject to the $30.00 service fee.

Payments by Mail
When paying by mail, never use cash; always use a check or money order. Write the customer number on the check or money order and include the bill stub 

Acceptable payments:  cash, money orders or checks 

We do not have an online payment service. 

If you have any questions, please contact us.