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Sep 14, 2022
Residential Garbage Rates to Increase October 1 for Unincorporated Talladega County


Residential Garbage Rates to Increase October 1, 2022, for Unincorporated Talladega County

This year, Talladega County was required to bid the contract for residential garbage pickup.  Reliable garbage pickup is essential to keeping our County clean, but like everything else the cost of this service has increased dramatically.  

The County received bids from two providers and awarded the contract to the low bidder, Republic Services at $26.79 per month (billed $80.37 quarterly) for basic residential curbside pickup (one cart).   The other bid was $28.00 per month, or $84.00 quarterly.  Each customer can expect a notice of the increase from Republic.  That notice can be reviewed here:

Republic Services Notice of Rate Change

Jul 18, 2022
Changes to County  Commission District Map Boundaries for 2024 Election
Please click here to view the map of the changes.